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Free Wednesday Webinar

Time - 6/9 PM Pacific/Eastern
Date - 8.05.2020

An eBook subscription is a great reopening booster shot.

Annual Subscription Price - $99.00

Why pay when the Wednesday Webinars are free? Because sometimes two hours on Wednesday night isn't enough. Because data says we only retain 30% of what we hear and referencing someone's notes is helpful. Because a subscription purchase from Infectious disease experts looks great in that "in case of audit" folder. Regardless of your reasons, here's your chance to support Dr Hom and Dr Moore who are donating their time to getting our industry up and running safely. 

Here's the kind of actionable advice waiting for you:

  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • Disinfection Best Practices
  • Workflow Modifications
  • Past Webinar Recordings
  • Equipment Reviews
  • Research Abstracts and Overviews
  • Patient Liability Resources
  • Scientific Explanations

Ready to join the Inner Circle?

Get access to past recordings, the research deck, eBooks and reopening materials.


You have no idea how much you both have all helped. What I have been learning in these webinars is helping patients that I think of as family. I loved the guest speaker and plan to re-listen to the recording to write down some things. Dr Moore and Dr. Hom were fantastic as usual. I also friend requested you on Facebook.

- Bonnie Eldredge

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is included?
eBooks are about 22 pages of specific advice for every station in your practice; Reception, Pre-Test, Exam, Optical, and Back Office. The advice is specific to each phase and updated with the latest discoveries around SARS-CoV-2 Transmission in Eye Care. A subscription includes access to Dr Hom's running break down of specific scientific research articles, recordings of past webinars, and new template resources around patient intake and liability.
Who are Dr Hom and Dr Moore?
Dr Hom is the scientific guru and Dr Moore is business savvy genius. Together they represent 50+ years of optical industry experience with an expertise in public policy and infectious protocol. Take a moment to see their bios and be sure to friend, follow and connect with them on social media.
Do you offer refunds?
Yes, but if you are joining the free weekly webinars where Dr Hom and Dr Moore field questions live you know what kind of quality and personal attention is backing this subscription. Its hard to complain when any question or critique is personally addressed by the experts themselves. This isn't the same as buying a product and hoping it has the answer. If you find something lacking in the product, or a scientific study that hasn't been covered in the research deck, letting us know will ensure the information gets included to enrich the whole community.
Do you offer 1 on 1 consultations?
Sure, we are dedicated to your success. Reach out via email or on our social channels (Twitter, Facebook) and let's hear what you have in mind.
Are you an organization looking
to partner for a better future?
Improving eye care outcomes and giving practices the confidence to get back to work is more than a two man show. We live or die by the strength and reach of our community. So a special thanks to the organizations that have contributed by providing access or resources.  Contact us to become a sponsor or explore the possibility of a personalized program for your organization.

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